Meet the friendly staff at Countryside Animal Hospital!

  • Dr. Thad Bamberg

    Dr. Bamberg is originally from Centreville, AL where he grew up working on his family's cattle farm and feed, seed and fertilizer business called the Centreville Gin. After highschool, he joined the US Army NG 20th SFG (Abn). A car accident essentially ended his military career. This car accident lead to Dr. Bamberg's decision to become a veterinarian. During recovery from the accident, a stray dog named Gypsy watched over him. He believes that God used Gypsy and the car accident to guide him towards veterinary medicine. He completed his Bachelors Degree in Biology at UAB while working there in the research department. During that time he co-authored three papers. He also pursued music as a drummer for a couple of popular rock bands in the area and hiked/backpacked throughout the western United States. Dr. Bamberg graduated from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 and has been practicing veterinary medicine ever since. He has a beautiful wife, Rebecca, and daugher, Catherine.They have two dogs, Pete and Gus, and three cats, Osca, Olive and Ella.

  • Dakota Cornelius
    Practice Manager

    Dakota has been with us since 2012. She is married with five children. She has three dogs and two cats. “Taking care of animals was a childhood dream of mine and now I get to live my dream every day.” Dakota strives to not only take care of the animals here, but maintain the functions and care of the clinic itself too. “It was an honor to work under Doctor Hubbard and his family, and now Dr. Bamberg and his family. They are an amazing family to work for. This job has been, and is, truly a blessing to me.”

  • Jan Boss

    Jan has been with us since 2001. Her optimistic attitude and compassion are just a couple of traits that keep our clients coming back. It is said that the receptionist is the first impression of a business, and Jan could not be a better one! Jan has three children, two on Earth and one in heaven, and one granddaughter. She is very involved in Church and enjoys going on mission trips. “I just enjoy helping- people and animals.” Jan graduated from Auburn University in 1975 with a degree in Horticulture. She owns two dogs, a cat, and three turtles. 

  • Kristina Lee

    Kristina has been at Countryside since 2008. She came to us with a background in Office Management, human rehab, and an intense love for animals. She is a whiz with our computers, and is fast learning to do just about everything else in the Hospital. She and her husband Preston have one dog and one cat.

  • Jessica Atchison

    Jessica started here in April of 2018. She graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Jefferson State Community College in 2021 and became an LVT. “I thought I wanted to be a nurse, but after completing some nursing basics I realized I was in the wrong field. I started working with livestock and realized my calling is with animals.” Jessica has three dogs at home.

  • June Walton
    Veterinary Assistant

    June started working with us in 2018. She has an extreme passion for all animals. She has two dogs, two cats and a horse. June has goals to become a horse farrier in the future.

  • Jamie Hotchkiss
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jamie came to us from a background in the medical field. She is married with three children and 5 pets. Jamie is very nurturing and provides a sense of  comfort for all of our patients while they are at the clinic. She also fills in as a receptionist when needed.

  • Beth Bullock
    Kennel Manager

    Beth has managed our kennel since 2006. She makes sure our kennel runs smoothly and efficiently. She never stops working. In her words she is “a work horse, not a show horse.” Beth forms special bonds with the animals while they are in her care. During her lunch break, Beth will sit and read to the animals. She is very good at calming and comforting pets when they are unsure. Beth has three daughters and three granddaughters. Beth is very nurturing, and that is what makes her awesome at her job.